How It Works

Our road map to Plant Therapy.Our system enables individual to build their financial income easily without stress.
All you need is hit our registration button at the website and get your referral or sponsor Link from whosoever introduces you to the platform.
We have made our products packages very cheap and affordable for everyone to start with and help build their health and happiness in business very easily through the network marketing and start earning profit for life.
To pay for your package of products, you need to fund your balance wallet account or get epin by transferring or deposit cash to the company account and obtain wallet from the admin or the company to use for purchase of both product package and reoder products from our e-store area.

Assuming you did not have enough money to purchase our single product package as cheap as $70, all you need to do is get epin through your sponsor to fix your registration. When you start from the main package for instance you will be place on our fast track earning 2 by 2 stage (2×2 diagram 0.1% on the package value of each person) where you earn a minimum of $0.82 without referral or maximum of $41  if you make referrals and addition to products package and you can upgrade at anytime to enable you earn more on our leadership bonus know as binary bonus. In our Unilevel bonus you can earn a minimum of $1,57m Yearly.
All your BONUSES and commission which you earned from Plant Therapy can be withdrawn directly to your local account whenever you want.

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